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Pipeline Emergencies Events and News

The NEW Pipeline Emergencies Internet-based training program is the most innovative and comprehensive curriculum of its kind for first responders and pipeline industry safety personnel. The e- Book format incorporates videos and interactive graphics with simulations and textbook learning to provide a broad representation of pipeline operations and tactical response options. Inside the second edition is a complete curriculum including a textbook, DVD, training tools, presentation slides, and a facilitator’s guide. All pieces are available online at no charge and can be completely customized to adapt to any training situation. PE2 is also available as iPhone and iPad applications.

Developed by a team of respected emergency response and industry experts, PE2 is the direct result of a cooperative partnership that brought together pipeline owners and operators, federal, state, and local regulators, trade associations, elected officials, and emergency responders. The dynamic group created PE2 to achieve a common goal: the safety of our country's first responders and the security of America’s pipeline infrastructure. The updated curriculum covers both liquid and natural gas pipelines, and a range of emergencies including leaks, spills and fires.

“No other public safety organization has this type of training,” beamed Jerry Rosendahl, President of NASFM and Minnesota’s State Fire Marshal. “The first edition has already been distributed to 45,000 first responders in the United States. Imagine how many more firefighters we can train with everything being online!" Jim Narva, NASFM Executive Director and former Wyoming State Fire Marshal, added, "it is unprecedented, really. NASFM is truly honored to be the ones to give our country’s firefighters state- of- the- art training tools to help them in an emergency.”

These must- have training materials are free to the emergency response community and can be obtained by going directly to the program’s dedicated website, www.pipelineemergencies.com. This curriculum can also be used by pipeline industry operators to fulfill federal guidelines requiring outreach and training of first responders in specific distribution areas. For more information about either training first responders or tailoring the program for the pipeline industry, contact NASFM by emailing info@firemarshals.org

Pipeline Emergencies Second Edition Releases Online Instructor Guide for Fire Trainers; Material Supports New Textbook.

NASFM announces the availability of a new Instructor Guide for the Pipeline Emergencies second edition training program. NASFM unveiled the brand new training tool designed to support certified trainers teaching the recently updated curriculum to hazardous materials response teams, first responders, and pipeline safety personnel.

Click here to download the full press release

New PE2 Training Curriculum Unveiled


For information on future State Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Stakeholders’ Meetings and Train-the-Trainer Sessions, please contact Phillip Oakes at (307) 433-8078 or